party in pueblo online

A party is a group of players who cooperate together in the performance of dungeons, world pvp battles and communities.

From the menu on the left, selecting the party item we will find items to create a group, leave it if we are part of it and invite other players to join.

Each player can only be part of one party at a time.

The party leader (the one who created the party) can also remove players from his party.

The party is essential to be able to access the dungeons, but a minimum number is not required to enter, so you can also create a party and access the dungeon without inviting other players.

Moving in the world of Pueblo Online, the players belonging to our party are marked with a blue icon.

To invite players to our party just click on the Invite item on the party page and click on the desired player near us.
he will receive a notification that he will accept or decline the invitation.

pueblo online party

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