Skills and Spells

As you progress in the world of Pueblo Online you will meet NPCs who will give you the opportunity to unlock skills and spells in exchange for some buffs that you will have to bring to them.

There are 3 types of skills and spells:

  1. Spells – located to the left in the bottom bar – generally used to damage buildings and enemy players. Click on images to show description.

    • Linear spells
      they hit the first hurdle they encounter

    • purple draft
      Purple draft

      flash bullet
      Flash bullet

    • Falling spells
      they hit enemies close to where they hit the ground. fly over obstacles

    • fire ball
      Fire ball

      acid blast
      Acid blast

    • Area spells
      they hit the enemies around the player who casts the spell

    • flame rush
      Flame rush

      laser spin
      Laser spin

  2. Tools – located in the center of the bottom bar – used to collect primary buffs. Click on images to show description.

  3. axe
    harvests wood buffs from trees
    pick axe
    Pick Axe
    collect stone buffs
    bug net
    Bug Net
    catch insects or small birds
    harvests pumpkins or mushrooms from the ground, used to activate portals

  4. Support Skills – located to the right in the bottom bar – used to help the team in dungeons and group PvP attacks. Click on images to show description.

  5. polymorph
    transform enemies to sheeps!

    proto shield
    Proto shield
    protects allies from incoming attacks for few seconds

    magic seed
    Magic seed
    spawns a blue tree that can be cut down

    swift robot
    Swift robot
    increase your speed for few seconds

    fly spectrum
    Fly Spectrum
    Hit enemies near every stone around the zone

    flipper shock
    Shock Flipper
    Hit enemies near every tree around the zone

    Dungeon Support Skills
    support spells that can be unlocked in dungeons by mercenaries. Click on images to show description.

    azure soup
    Azure soup
    spawns a cauldron used to convert mineral buffs
    camp blaze
    Camp blaze
    spawns a magic camp fire used to convert basic buffs
    jacky box
    Jacky box
    summons a puppet that draws the enemy’s attention
More Skills and Spells are coming soon in next game updates!

pueblo online skills and spells

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